I V A N A A R M A N I N I is a comic artist and illustrator but her work and activities can not be divided from activism and social awareness. 

She graduated at School of Applied Arts & Design and Academy of Arts in Zagreb (Mag. Art, Rector’s Award), Croatia and she is a member of the Croatian Freelance Artists Association and the WOMEN WHO DRAW platform.

Further education is in web design and cultural management. She has worked alternately as teacher, conservator and comic journalist.

Ivana has 5 own comic books and zines: Adventures of Gloria Scott 2005; Katalog 2016; FMCX 2017; Mangelos Comic book 2017; She must be mad 2018.
Comic exhibition of Mangelos visuals is a part of the MOCA collection, Zg under the title – mangelos: comments and is still open.

Founds and manages KOMIKAZE (2002-), a network for production, promotion and distribution of authorial comics with a focus on independent scene where she has been publishing and exhibiting on over 250 events, workshops and festivals (HR, I, SR, IT, FR, DE, SE, HU, AT, SAD, BiH, Po, Pt, E).

K O M I K A Z E is a diverse community of visual artists which stands for proud island of independent comix. Komikaze practice represents free and altruistic activities in collaboration with artists from different geostrategic areas, which connects independent and uncompromising attitude in relation to the existing dominating artistic practice. The association Komikaze is a registered 2008. and has produced over 300 including authors, 5 000 online edited comic pages, 250 exhibitions, 50 workshops, 49 issues of electronic issues, 17 issues of Komikaze books, etc.

S O L O E X H I B I T I O N S (FROM 2016)mangelos: comments exhibition is a part of the MOCA collection, Zagreb (Curators: T. Milovac, J. Jakšić) 2017-2019; She must be mad Dobra Vaga Gallery, Ljubljana (Curator: T. Skale) 2018 ; Zuccato Gallery, Poreč (Curator: S. Vojvoda) 2018 ;  exMATIJA Šibenik (Curator: S. Lukarev); Virovitica City Museum (Curator: A. Kučan) 2017 ; Ratata! comic festival Macerata, IT ; Cvajner GalleryPula 2016.

OTHER  PROJECTS: Femicomix 2015; Beđomatik 2015;  Zombi Proleter 2014;  Permacomix 2013; comic book Adventure of Gloria Scott (Co-author/ stories: M. Simić, AGM 2005-2016); comic group Divlje oko (Co-founder with D. Gačić) 2002; Strip, strip hura! (Curator of the exhibition of the 13 Croatian comic authors, 26th Zagreb Youth Salon 2001). 

SELECTED: MOCA (Zagreb 2017-2019; FRAC Marseilles 2017; Pula 2013); 7. Biennale of Illustration 2018; MUO Exhibition of Croatian Design 2017; 51st Zagreb Salon 2017; 6. Biennale of Illustration 2017; Resistance, Movement, Change (Curator: M. Kontošić/ Solidarna) 2017; Le monde Diplomatique (Curator: I. Hanaček/ Blok) 2016; Plakatiranje (Curator: I. Dorotić/ Vizkultura) 2016; comiXconnection/ Gallery Nova, (Curator: B. Wild) 2013-2017; Kroatien Kreativ 2013 (Curator: B. Radas); New media cross border 2013; Croatie, la voici (Curator: R. Barban);
Love/Hate catalog (Crackfestival/ co-editor with V. Palibrk) 2010; Ligatura, Otok, Lazareti, ŠKUC, BREAK21 – Kapelica, H.O.M.E., Floating World Comics, Dance Week Festival, Galerie Machine de Lire, Karton Gallery, The Ninth Art of European View/ MOCA (Hungary), Zagreb Youth Salon, …

A J U R Y M E M B E R for the comic section on Ligatura festival (2011)/ Po, Festival of First (2008) and BJCEM (20092007)/ Cro.

F E S T I V A L S: Indigo x Caffeine hours, Design District, Ukmukkfuk, Tinta, Crack, Rebel Rebel, Feira Morta, Mesto Žensk, Stripolis, The Millionaires Club, CLUBTURA, MOCA, Novosadski Strip Salon, Ohoho!, Fijuk, AltCom, Škver, Mafest, Crtani Romani Show, Žubroffka, Prolećni samit jeftine grafike, Novo doba, GRRR!, Pichwise, Vox Feminae, Rdeče zore, Grazer Tanz Theater Fest, Du Monde Aux Balkans, Viva la Pola!, Krojberg, Exit, Zadar snova, (a)jeto!, Monte Paradiso, LITKON, FAKI, …

B I B L I O G R A P H Y: Beta Vulgaris, Viva Punk! Viva Radio Študent! , Komikaze, Crack / Grow / FortepressaLe Dernier Cri, Le Monde Diplomatique, RADIO ŠTUDENT ZaložbaAltComAl Kom’x, Turbo Comix, Zarez, Time Out, 04 Megazin za hakiranje stvarnosti (Savez udruga Klubtura / Clubture Network), Stripburger, Godine Nove, AGMFibra, Profil, T-Com, Kaos, Divlje oko, Školska Knjiga, Apokalipsa, Kick the brain, OP.A., Beopolis, Libra Libera, Kerempuh, Lambiek Comiclopedia …