komikaze/ temp workshop – škuc, lju


DATE: 03/03/2006

Crew: Emil Jurcan, Dunja Janković, Filjio, Vančo Rebac, Goran Cvek, Anna Ehrlemark, Noise gang Tigrova mast. 
Workshop was led by the founder of ‘Komikaze’ Ivana Armanini. / Stickers: Ivana Armanini / Organised by TEMP group, Ljubljana. 

About event: ’We transformed the gallery into a working space, where workshops and panels were held. A the same time, the gallery was an information centre, where the gathered data will continue to enrich the existing database, consisting of maps, a model, documentary, research and artistic material. The base was the source of inspiration for the urban interventions, set up in the vicinity of Škuc and in the empty space of the Ljubljana old town.

The TEMP project investigates the issue of uniting and working within a collaborative network. It is for this reason that a temporary structure of different associations, groups and individuals, which, in the context of the project, will have to find creative ways of communication and new ways of thinking and creating, will be set up.

CULTURENET: https://www.culturenet.hr/default.aspx?id=21440