DATE: 06/01/2018

POSTER SIZE: 42 x 29 mm

Kukushai is the name of the band and means “kiss you” on Svahili language.
The posters were basically made on the invitation by the The appointMENT exhibition of MENT festival and produced by the collective RISO PARADISO in RISO PRINT technique. Exhibition was on March 2018 at Dobra Vaga, Ljubljana city.


Bridging the gap between a conventional photocopier and laser printer, Risograph printing, aka Riso, is a simple yet brilliant tool for anyone interested in producing high quality prints on a shoestring budget.

Riso has its limitations – size restriction being one of them. The maximum paper size to go through the machines is A3, and you are limited to printing on uncoated paper stocks (up to roughly 300gsm).