how to survive a dictatorship anthology/ The hole – Swe


DATE: 10/10/2018

the hole @ comic anthology “how to survive a dictatorship”, published by AltCom comics festival @ malmo, sweden 2018/ chief & cover art:  Mattias Elftorp

storyboard: jingle by 359 & biga, Radio Študent 89,3 MHz “this is not a call for samoorganization and cutting razorblade wire fence on the border” / link on jingle:
#multimedia #comic #resist

AltCom 2018 in Malmö, August 23-26, is an international festival for alternative and underground comics. It contents exhibitions, a comics market, talks, international guests, free festival anthology and two nights of music to make your ears bleed. The theme of 2018 was: HOW TO SURVIVE A DICTATORSHIP.

Sweden is normally seen as a democracy but has in fact only had universal suffrage for about a hundred years. People come here to flee dictatorships only for us to close the door on them. We often take democracy for granted but what would happen if one of our elected parties had the power to abolish democracy?

AltCom 2018 is organised by Tusen Serier in collaboration with CBK, Koshk, Wormgod, Noise Against Fascism, Panora etc, with support from Region Skåne, Malmö Kulturstöd & Kulturrådet.