DATE: 21/06/2015

CRACK is DIY festival and self-organized in network, dedicated to comics and drawn and printed art at the Fort Prenestino in Rome. In its eleventh edition CRACK! confronts the CAPITAL machine, the (in)finite machine for the production of slavery, the ultimate Necromancer of these times. / TEXT: VALERIO BINDI / FESTIVAL’S MONEY AND PUBLICATION “CAPITALE” ARE SILKPRINTED.

crack capital illustration

MAKE FAKE MONNAY / Get rich faster. Print money.


“What we spend is what we produce and what we pay is what we are.

We’re the Living Currency of our Capital. We’re slaves continually posed in front of our bodies redesigned only to produce money. And in the space of five days of this independent and extra-territorial festival we can invert the alchemic process that transforms us into gold to instead be the subterranean dirt, the massive sewer of creation. Here we can deploy our bodily and imaginary investments one after the other, ready to spend ourselves till’ the last emotional and visionary coin.

This is the sacrifice requested by all the participant artists. The complete dissipation of oneself and one’s proper works in the human lava that flows in the veins of the most important independent and antagonistic centre of production in Europe. A complete and authentic ruin.

Fanzines, magazines, books, prints, collectives as well as individuals, that are the pulsating heart of the Festival, all work around the central question of auto-production. A festival which cannot be and has never been a machine for the production of money but rather a connectivity and gathering that creates cooperation, sharing, and visions of the future. An invaluable laboratory, unique on planet Earth, that we are putting at the disposal of all those who will come to visit us, impoverished but rich. We’re presenting this Capital of false money and currency without any exchange value against the capital that steals all its surplus value from our blood and minds and that permeates our cities with its scams. This is how it started and this is how we’ll see it die, trying to drag us along its convulsions.
While we, on the other hand, draw them brilliantly.”

Talking about Capital we focus on our Creative Capital (CC). On the Capital of our desires we save keepin’ going on with our Festival. As well as on the Capital Crack: the (in)finite machine of production of slavery. We go to the center of the myth and utopia itself of the underground: micro-production and Do It Yourself, forms of autonomy and independence, and their existence outside of the market, and thus out of the production-work circuit. Are these forms still effective? Is it possible to enhance their work with the power of non-action, the power of Un-Do way? 
There are two opposite ways to arrive at a finished object through a collective elaboration. One: with the mechanism of production/work one designs for a goal and produces an object that cost a certain time and which is sold for a fixed price. Two: with the mechanism of un-working instead one starts a process that develops as a labyrinth and generates an object without a precise project, through a succession of chaotic approximations. Time is not working time but wasted time and the cost is a mechanism of variable finale price (from…to…). To which mechanism are we belonging here and now? Which will be the space of our projects? 
In the words of Edwin Chota: “Nothing will defeat us if we stay together. I feel stronger with a network around me. It does not matter who the face of the network is. All that matters is that we push and walk together.”