Ministry of smileys / Vizkultura tour


DATE: 14/04/2016

Ministry of smileys / Vizkultura Poster tour

2016. Zagreb, MUO – Biennale of the Croatian Design / 2016. Zagreb, pop up exhibition at Lauba / 2017. Zagreb, Project Ilica / 2018. Belgrade – Pro3or

Ministry of smileys is the poster which I made for the project Plakatiranje. Plakatiranje, which could be translated as Postering, is a project developed by the art-and-culture-related portal Vizkultura, covering design, architecture, visual culture, illustration etc.


Here is photo-report from the International Conference (Graphic) Designer: Author or Universal Soldier – at Pro3or Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia. (Graphic) Designer: Author or Universal Soldier is a four day series of lectures, panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions of outstanding authors, designers and theorists from Serbia, region, Europe and the United States of America. >>>