DATE: 02/04/2004

Mural Žvak Žvak for the Krojcberg workshop / Karlo Rojc, Pula


The Community Center Rojc situated in the center of Pula, is a true “place of civil society” because it hosts 106 associations with various activities.

The Community Center Rojc, a former army barracks built in the 1870s, is the largest building in the city of Pula, covering 16,739 square meters, with an inner courtyard, free parking area, sports grounds and green surfaces.

Rojc corridors resemble a large gallery, since more than 4,000 square meters have been painted as part of the “Krojcberg” project.

Every year Rojc “produces” hundreds of activities, workshops, concerts, seven festivals, etc. Statistically, Rojc hosts over 1,000 visitors a day.