nini zine (16pg)


DATE: 09/09/2019

nini zine
coming soon!

Nini zine #1 – risozine, printed by Riso Paradiso, made on A6 format, 2 colors & 16 pages. irst time presentation for the festival Indigo X Caffeine Hours Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2019.


“INDIGO X CAFFEINE HOURS EXHIBITORS/ PROGRAMME DESCRIPTION: komikaze is a croatian publishing platform founded by ivana armanini. focused on comics, but with a special zing. their focus is on experimental comics and illustration and they publish a couple of book editions every year, while also actively maintaining their webcomics activities. they also have a special series called femicomix through which they present female artists and tackle feminist themes in the format of comics and zines.”


art book fair is focused on the contemporary design. it features international and local independent and micro-publishers. FESTIVAL PROGRAMME LINK






Bridging the gap between a conventional photocopier and laser printer, Risograph printing, aka Riso, is a simple yet brilliant tool for anyone interested in producing high quality prints on a shoestring budget.

Riso has its limitations – size restriction being one of them. The maximum paper size to go through the machines is A3, and you are limited to printing on uncoated paper stocks (up to roughly 300gsm).

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