Comics @ Apokalipsa Magazine


DATE: 16/07/2019

My Comic Block of 19 BW pages was published @ Slovenian philosophy and culture magazine by Založba in društvo Apokalipsa No 229-230 / LINK

10 episodes of the comic “CAT & RABBIT” were drawn in analog way and were published @ KATALOG, 2016. Other 9 works are made in digital way on the Wacom tablet during the last years and were published @ FMCX zine, Komikaze web & print editions and in many other publications.


Launched in 1994, Apokalipsa (“Apocalypse”) is a magazine focusing on live culture, supported by The Slovenian Book Agency and published by KUD Apokalipsa. 

Publisher: Kulturno umetniško društvo Apokalipsa / Representative & Magazine Managing Editor: Primož Repar / Magazine Comic Managing Co-Editor: Matjaž Bertoncelj / PRINT RUN: 500 / ISSN for printed version: 1318-3680 / COBISS.SI-ID: 41760000 / Slovenia / FACEBOOK: APOKALIPSA MAGAZINE – SLOVENIA

“Apokalipsa has been a monthly magazine ever since 2002 when the Review within review project began. As a part of the project, Apokalipsa has already presented 9 different magazines from 8 countries. Since the very start, it has managed and coordinated the Review within review international project that currently unites 15 magazines from 12 countries and offers 40 different exchanges and numerous other events (festivals, tours, symposiums, workshops, publisher meetings). Apokalipsa constantly strives to create a space of live culture and also opens new paths for itself to go further and expand the artistic aspect of freedom in the dialogue of diversity and the refined internalized polemics originating from it, and thus carry out its continuously rich, diverse and varied program. Of course this is polemos, which does not consider the discussion partner as an adversary and does not accept simplifications or intellectual terror. That is why the magazine continues to promote diversity. Its quality is based on continuous adjustments of the program in response to reality. Therefore it covers special topics and prepares special issues, such as yearly feminist (gender) issues of Apokalipsa, which examine feminist discourse that can be encountered only rarely and unsystematically in Slovenia. Special attention is devoted to the Slovenian social and cultural reality. We encourage a wide circle of intellectuals from various spheres of cultural life to participate in the analysis of the situation and share their vision of development.

In these times of segmentation and division Apokalipsa improves the recognisability of its cultural contents with a rich visual image on the outside and varied content on the inside, including artistic, photographic and abovementioned comic strip supplements.”