DATE: 23/01/2020

FORMAT: A3 / A3+ (42 X 35cm / 300GR paper) / B2 / A1 (180GR)
PRICE: A3=8 / A3+=10 / B2=12 / A1=40 EUR + POSTAL COSTS)


“This is personal documentation of various daily interactions from all segments of reality, the observer recognizes the comments of his own everyday life – sometimes media, actual socio-political or he recognizes certain ambient.  therefore the poster of stylized representation under the name her majesty reminds of a recent event of censorship in osijek, while on the other posters we recognize political protagonists such as trump, but also the characters of artists who marked our conceptual history. however, the observer can certainly identify with some of the more personal every-day short comic forms and recognize the interpretation of a traditional form of building such as dry-stone wall or enjoy in purely aesthetical quality of what is shown. some, almost abstract illustrations or comic books in a humoristic, satiric way record the every-day life of an empty city, the sounds of music and then the visitors once again via humor identify themselves with what is shown. humor and irony also transcend the narrative level.
she develops now her visual language in order to translate the tensity of the form and the unpredictable of a scenario. the contrast in the new posters is multilayered – it occupies shapes, colors and meanings… ” read more