square canvas comix


DATE: 24/01/2020

comic series of square canvases all in the same size so they look OK together on ALL walls (fb, ig, flat, office, gallery, museum, street, … 🙂



/ description – comic language is the central medium of the expression. it deals with the transformation and dialogue between street art, comic and poetry. the aim is to show the multifaceted and differentiated use of the comic language as artistic material.

/ narratives – comics are made on different topics such as: spring bubbles, love & death, warms, humanity, ecology, air pollution, bad forecast, god, lighthouse, anthropocentrism and pure absurd. the title is often all narrative. 

/ working materials – tablet, computer, adobe software, printer, ink, cotton, square canvas, wooden lath.

/ square canvases – andy warhol allegedly made his series of square paintings all in the same size so they would look great together on museum walls one day. the square format here is inspired by instagram platform.

/  given the current popularity of artists’ books, independent comics, and risograph printing, ivana’s work is the lineage and crossover between art made for publication, street and the gallery wall.


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