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DATE: 30/12/2018

Annual anthology Gorgonzola from France n°24 Curator: Maël Rannou / Les éditions L’Égouttoir: http://legouttoir.free.fr/

Gorgonzola #24 – annual anthology contents 160 pages of global contemporary comic. Issue #24 has a special focus on Croatia, including 10 comics of mine. It includes a big section of Croatian comics which includes: a historical overview, an article on Dylan Dog and a special focus on contemporary croatian comics on 72 pages!


Frédéric Hojlo/ ACTUABD/ Gorgonzola#24 review: Maël Rannou recognizes that a nationality does not make a subject in comics but rather forms a pretext for discoveries – which is a great value, especially for those who don’t know for the existence of Komikaze magazine …”

ACTUABD: https://www.actuabd.com/Gorgonzola-L-Egouttoir-un-fanzine-qui-dure

“Born almost fifteen years ago, the fanzine of Éditions l’Égouttoir, is one of the few survived which are made by combining comics, reviews and interviews.  Its twenty-fourth issue, released in January 2019. It was celebration of its 15th anniversary in October 2019.

As of the fourteenth issue, dated October 2008, Gorgonzola is gaining momentum. The cover becomes flexible and in color. The pagination increases markedly, passing to more than 140 pages. And the fanzine is no longer photocopied but printed, which gives it an aspect very close to journals carried by publishers with more means. The basics, however, remain the same: comics, illustrations, interviews, critical texts, part of which is grouped together in a thematic file from number 16, written and drawn by authors from various horizons, from America Latin to Scandinavian Europe.

The leader of this long-term endeavour is Maël Rannou. None other than him had enough tenacity to manage to combine longevity and quality. Publisher and author, librarian and ecologist, passionate and hairy hyperactive polyamorous, Maël Rannou seems tireless. There is no doubt that one of the best French connoisseurs of alternative comics and zines, but also masters of the classics. Obviously, all that hardly made him rich. But it will continue no matter what.

Finally, he thought of the central file, this time devoted to contemporary Croatian comics. Born from a meeting with Stipan Tadić and from a trip, this false theme – Maël Rannou admits that a nationality does not make a subject in comics but rather forms a pretext for discoveries – turns out to be very rich, especially for those who do not know Komikaze magazine. For if some rare Croatian authors have been published in France, including Miroslav Sekulic-Struja at Actes Sud and Igor Hofbauer at L’Association, most of them remain unknown. An anthology, accompanied by two texts with a rather historical vocation, which is therefore welcome.

Gorgonzola is a safe bet for fanzine, whose professional aspect makes it a title close to a journal. Regularly nominated in Angoulême for the Prize of alternative comics and he may one day receive this award. But even if it doesn’t, we’re sure his life will go on.


stipan tadić: https://komikaze.hr/author/stipantadic/ ;
ena jurov: https://komikaze.hr/author/enajurov/ ;
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KOMIKAZE: https://komikaze.hr/hrvatski-strip-temat-u-gorgonzoli-24-francuska/

Gorgonzola #24 (FR)