Documentary serial “Comic in Croatia”


DATE: 01/02/2019

Documentary serial “Comic in Croatia” on HRT3/ 15’/ 12th issue presents: “Ivana Armanini, artist from Zagreb, is one of our most well known comic authors. She initiated Komikaze network, a diverse community of visual artists which stands for proud island of independent comix. Ivana formed as an author under the influance of of the American underground artist Mary Fleener, the fanzines by Emil Jurcan and the Ljubljana’s Stripburger magazine. Ivana’s creativity as well as her publishing work includes social sensitive themes, punk rhythm and uncompromising attitude built already as a teenager. Beside Ivana Armanini the show brings also interviews with Aleksandar Zograf, Emil Jurcan, Ivana Pipal, Miro Župa and Vančo Rebac.” Journalist: Milena Zajović / Director: Irena Jukić Pranjić /
First time on TV: 23th December 2017