instacomix – part 1


DATE: 06/03/2019

The posters in personal diary form, published on public internet platform. Available in A3+ (42 X 35cm / 300gm paper) / 10 EUR + POSTAL COSTS / MADE IN 2017 – 2019 / INSTAGRAM / TXT: PATRICIA POČANIĆ

“the posters from the cycle INSTACOMIX aka instant posts, which have been published “instantly” on instagram. they often contain textual part, but have no advertising nor applicable purpose. these are illustrations, short comic book forms which record certain associations and emotions, retaining the freshness of instantly recorded state. humor and irony transcend the narrative level. author by editing the sequences and choosing the appropriate cadre for the image simultaneously ironizes the classical comic book form, which takes to the limits by linking “comic books and abstraction, action, experiment, street art and graphism.” ironising the classical form of comic book is simultaneously done on the level of context and stereotypical comprehension of comic book as a male medium.” read more

“Ivana develops her visual language in order to translate the tensity of the form and the unpredictable of a scenario. the contrast in the new posters is multilayered – it occupies shapes, colors and meanings. in this, respect the influence of music and sound affects the organization of the poster and single-paged comic books since the rhythm of the contemporary life is accompanied by shorter and shorter form which have to be as loud as possible in order to stop the eye of the observer. therefore, as the artist points out, the influence has the concentration, speed and loudness of punk/noise piece, but also the noise as well as the contemporary rhythm of the street which she transfers into the short comic book form on a poster. due to the rapid pace of recording interactions inspired by everyday situations on the streets, with the people, media or situations, the artist only with a distance notices the formal and semantic whole of what is accomplished, and what she especially emphasizes as a help is a circle of virtual colleagues form instagram who daily publish new materials. exactly this encouraging internet environment, in which the creative work is the only thing on which the interaction is based, and socially determined body is not linked to the artist’s identity, is perceived in stylistically and technically refined and fast speech of the associations.” read more