PIN BUTTONS/ mangelos


DATE: 11/02/2018


Pin buttons made for the promotion of comicbook MANGELOS VOL I  / 9th – 11th February 2018 / Pop up exhibition at ex Matija gallery, Šibenik, Supertoon festival


>>> Pin Culture/ Badges Remain a Powerful Style Statement

Button pins are pretty and inexpensive pieces of jewelry to make yourself. They have endless colour and pattern possibilities depending on the buttons you choose. Easy to put together, you can make one for any special event, even at the last minute.

The Political Statement/ Beyond the Parthenon marbles, pin badges and fabric patches are often laden with subcultural connotations; ever since punks customised their leather jackets with anti-Thatcher slogans, they have been firmly established as part of an aesthetic of rebellion.

There’s something about me that likes being quite confrontational. Wearing a badge that says ‘FUCK OFF’ ’ is just my way of dealing with the current political climate. “It’s kind of throwing people a little bit, because it’s kind of disgusting but I think that’s fantastic: it’s anti-fashion.”

Putting something personal into an industrial machine is quite perverse. There is an authenticity in these special objects; from their conception the process is rooted in their subversive ethos to remain playful, yet thoughtful. When confronted about high fashion’s take on a typically DIY process, and I do wonder if buying and wearing something which looks like one you could have made yourself is extra luxurious in a world where you can instantly tell when something has been produced by an industrial juggernaut.