h.o.m.e. – swe


DATE: 09/09/2010

h.o.m.e. – art project @ Skredsvik, Sweden
Artist from across Europe came to the Swedish forest to meet, took, cook, eat and create together for one week. Here is my participation to the project: puppets, instalations and mural.


Watch the film H.O.M.E. on youtube.

H.O.M.E is a low budget, economical, self-organized non-formal mobility model designed by artists for artists working in public spaces.
Following the idea that any empty room, couch or inflatable mattress can be an artistic residency center we connected artists from across the world to host each other, eat and talk, live and create together!

In august 2010 ÖFA-kollektivetand Kud Ljud organized one week’s art colony at Anna Ehrlemark’s family home Skredsviks Hede near Uddevalla on the west coast of Sweden. The residency was part of a bigger pilot project for artists mobility in Europe called H.O.M.E. At the end of the week we invited the villagers of Skredsvik to a guided tour around the sculpture park (skulpturpark). Visiting artists were Ivana Armanini (editor in mischief of Komikaze), Bruno Tolić and Johanna Marcadé (of Turbo Comix), Emelie Röndahl, Eva Rocco KenellÅke Sjöberg, Anna Wallgren, Björn Ehrlemark, Carin KallenbergSigrid Algesten, Ingrid Karlsson and Majda Krivograd, Nika Gabrovšek, Mladen Baćić, Sanja Žmavc & Katarina Zalar (of Kud Ljud).

komikaze photoreport on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=200209&id=707757977&l=2b875758c3



The whole project was developed by KUD LJUD with support by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Culture and Education in cooperation with the following partners: Youth European Project for Cultual Exchanges (FR), Ofa (SWE), Sacred places (BE), Lomomania (PRT).