Resistance, Movement, Change


DATE: 13/04/2017

My comic made for the group show Resistance, Movement, Change - Croatia

Resistance, Movement, Change – group show, Croatia

„In order to reach a point of awareness of injustice and one’s ability to act against injustice, there is a need for a series of emotional and rational triggers. And that is the logic of this exhibition. It is intended for organisations, activists but also people who do not consider themselves part of the activist circle.“ Martina Kontošić


“The purpose of the exhibition and the accompanying conference was to affirm and to critically reflect upon the tradition of progressive activism and artistic accomplishments in disputing and reshaping the dominant political, cultural and social matrices in the post-Yugoslav region. While the region continues to ridden by identity and power driven conflicts, poverty, devastation of public goods and spaces, distrust and deep divisions, it also remains connected on different levels – its old and new borders, injustices, traumas as well as creative forms of resistance, healing and innovations.”

My comic panels made for the group show Resistance, Movement, Change - Croatia