exhibition – comments: mangelos


DATE: 18/03/2019

Visuals by Ivana Armanini / Script: Marko Golub
To mark the 30th anniversary of the death of Dmitry Bašićević Mangelos, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zagreb is promoting the Mangelos Vol 1 comic book.
28th January 2017 – 23rd September 2019
Curators: Nada Beroš, Jasna Jakšić, Tihomir Milovac
/ Photo presented CURATOR Laura Hoptman @ MoMA The Museum of Modern Art

the mangelos vol. 1 comic book is the exhibition version of the album of the same name that deals with the life and works of dimitrije bašević mangelos. the basic narrative structure of the book is based on several of mangelos’s original texts: “manifesto of manifestos”, “the šid manifesto”, “the battle for nobleness” (from nostories) and a 1982 interview with him conducted by mladen stilinović. however, within that initial structure, the authors have also embedded numerous other biographical and artistic references in which reality and fiction, theory and art practice, documentary materials, and interpretation and imagination are all interwoven.

the comic album in this sense does not function as a conventional biographical form; it does not recount the life and artwork of dimitrije bašičević mangelos; it does not explain or imitate him; but rather, it enters into a dialogue with him, accepting all his contradictions and recreating an authentic imaginary universe from his fragments.