Comic Adventures of Gloria Scott (49pg)


DATE: 27/02/2005

Comics based on the stories by Mima Simić / Publishers: AGM, 2005 & “Katalog”, Komikaze, 2016.


“The element of the absurd is further underlined by Ivana Armanini’s  grotesque comic strip adaptations, published jointly with the Komikaze collection.

Set outside identifiable time and place, Armanini’s strips reduce the detective plots to their bare bones – or more correctly, basic shapes: Scott is most often represented by a conical shape with facial features on hairy legs in high heels, while Lambert’s avatar is heart-shaped. In her drawings and captions, Armanini pares down Simić’s already parodic and absurd narrative take on Sherlock Holmes to black-and-white abstractions and stunted dialogue, creating a punk version of the tales. Unlike Simić’s stories, some of the comic strips feature dialogue and captions (if not titles) in a rather basic English translation. While the strips reach out to an international comic book reading public keen on the bizarre and the unexpected (having been made available online by the artist on her website), the stories collection appropriates the Sherlock Holmes canon, queers it, and makes it a part of Croatian literature.