short programme no.1/ TOUR


DATE: 11/11/2006

contemporary performance with my impro-drawing on the graphoscope, based on the interaction between drawing, music and dancing with co-authors: Zrinka Šimičić & Zrinka Užbinec (dancing); Gordan & Neven Krajačić (impro-jazz) & Irma Omerzo/ Marmot (production).

2007 Grazer tanz theater fest, Graz  / 2006 Zagrebački salon, Zg / 2006 Tjedan suvremenog plesa, Zg / 2006 Platforma mladih koreografa, Zg / 2005 Centar mladih Trešnjevka, Zg

“The performance is done by two contemporary dancers, two impro musicians and a woman who draws and paints comic strips, listening to each other, complementing each other and conditioning the stimulation to the current creation of all three media, creating united language and execution for the performance.” Irma Omerzo


“This is a triple-genre expression and involves direct interaction between dance, drawing and music, which are enacted simultaneously through the form of structured improvisation and are equally important and represented during the performance.
This performance deals with the phenomenon of the trace as something that is left over or is not left over after the action of the dancers, the painter and the musicians. Is there some trace qua memory of perception of the work of art? Is there some physical existence to this trace, which is related to the mental trace that is left after the experience of the work of art?”